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Art as Prozac's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Art as Prozac

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Kevin Hearn [27 Oct 2002|03:58pm]

[ mood | tired ]


inspired by this

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[21 Oct 2002|01:22pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Knock, knock....

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once more.. [29 Jul 2002|03:13am]

I took some photos at the Farmer's Market and I wanted to share them.

Here is the link for all of them.
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Photos [29 Jul 2002|03:10am]

I took some photos at the Farmer's Market and I wanted to share them.

<a href="http://www.earspan.com/photos/market'>Here is the link for all of them</a>
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Ahh... [13 Jul 2002|01:54am]

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Flood, 6/30/98 [23 Apr 2002|01:00pm]

Cold rain
beats on my face
soaking my clothes
freezing my thoughts
icing my soul
down to my toes
numbing my emotions
wondering where the water will go

will it build up and build up until there's no more room until the level exceeds normal and spills over the levee flodoing the streets of my mind breaking down every wall stop it must stop or everything will just drain out and take me along with it

confiding in people you love
keeps you sane
and won't let you drown in all that water...
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latest desktop publishing.. [12 Apr 2002|01:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So I had to make this postcard for Jaycees..
No one here appreciates my art. it's ..."ok" and will fit the purpose.
Hope you all like it more than that!

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The discussion with myself... [11 Apr 2002|11:05pm]

This project is simply called:


So begins...

Me: How are you?
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More from my mind... [03 Apr 2002|10:56pm]

I wrote this while in class, I believe. I think the title is a give away

Fine Arts 342
Blindless that envelops
this room of higher learning
Making things worse than they are
Waiting for something
to change the atmosphere
Run away from this Orwellian nightmare
before it pulls you in
You have no idea
what it will do
Get in your car and drive
far, far away
Think over your future
before Big Brother catches you.

I wrote the following in response to being asked to take my nosering out at camp in 1998. I got all philosophical. Don't ask me why cos I don't know.

M.I.A. 29 June, 1998
I'm naked--
That one small rebellious part of me now gone to the breeze..
missing quickly
taken away
told to forget
It's my job, they say
role model
different level
respect issue..
these are the people who taught me
be yourself
always yourself
be who you want to be
you can do anything
So what do I think now?
don't know.
don't know.
Noth the physical problem
so very an inner turmoil
hard to explain
must be a sign that I don't know what's
going on.
...my life is crazy;
part of the establishment forever.

Okay, that's enough for now, maybe more tomorrow or whatever.
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Well looky here... [03 Apr 2002|07:42pm]

Since we've all been neglecting our little community for a while, I thought I'd post some things. I just found my favourite poetry book while cleaning my room, so lucky for all of you! Yay! *snicker* Many of these are from a few years ago...but oh well. These were all written at camp....

Fridge thoughts 1 23 July 1997
imagine true bright me
said summer is lost
above my cloud
sings beautiful earth
get down to peace
talk to that natural light
sad whispers
yes, friends still cry

Fridge thoughts 2 23 July 1997
ask within nature
desert of its fall
splash the soft moon
for no dream

Ah, the allure of magnetic poetry, eh?

Issues 26 July 1997
Feeling just there
even though I'm around
everyone I love
Knowing they are there for me
feeling that they aren't
Left out of a circle
a circle of friends
Smiling when I can
screaming on the inside
Wondering what I've done wrong
even though I know it's not just me
Scaring myself into believing
that I've fallen into a hole
Messing up my head
leaving my heart on the couch
As I get up and leave
not able to fix a thing
Falling on deaf ears and
stumbling through limp arms
Exiled, betrayed, and alone
yet my friends are all around me
Choosing not to choose (never never never!)
but losing everything.
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me joe, you jane [18 Mar 2002|11:44am]

[ mood | cold ]

Who doesn't love monkeys?

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something i made for last quarter's art class... [05 Mar 2002|11:01am]


This was part of a larger series project that had six pictures to run alongside one another spelling out "What's a" "woman" "like you" "doing" "in the" "workplace?" I think this is the strongest "stand alone" image.

- Jeska
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Creamy Colored Pencils [01 Mar 2002|02:17pm]

[ mood | tired ]


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said the joker to the thief... [12 Feb 2002|09:49am]

[ mood | awake ]

this is print #4 of a butterfly etching i did in late '97? early '98?

thank you sheryl for letting me steal some of your homestead space
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I had a vision... (CRITIQUE) [11 Feb 2002|08:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]

What does all of this mean?

Figures in Motion, by sheryl 2002

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ponder [01 Feb 2002|12:14pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

"A visual artist creates a mystery, a writer tries to unravel it."


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Trust... [21 Jan 2002|09:26am]

[ mood | curious ]

I don't know why, but I drew this drooping flower and the first word I thought of was TRUST...... anyone want to help in figuring out what kind of things were running through my subconscious as a result?

Anybody? Anybody?
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Julie... [18 Jan 2002|05:25pm]

What did you post on here that we need the password for? Let us know so we can read it or if we need it or whatnot.....

And cheers to all of you writing! I'm looking for my book full of good poetry still...until then I'm stagnant. Although, I could write some new stuff....
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Hockey Night in Montreal (NO CRITIQUE) [18 Jan 2002|01:25pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

This is something I whipped up when I was writing to a friend of mine who happens to be a Montreal Canadiens hockey fan living in Toronto. He was expecting a lot of taunting to ensue in my end, but lo, I did not tease but forfeited a quaint little story about my grandmother...

Hockey Night in Montreal
by sheryl

So you're a Habs fan, eh? No worries - no teasing will be coming from my end. I just always assume that every Torontonian is a Maple Leafs fan. Why won't I tease? Because I was born in Montreal. I lived the first six years of my life there. But a Habs fan, I am not (at least, not first and foremost like you).

Those long grueling winters are engraved in my memory. Along with tobagganing, building snowforts, and helping dad shovel the driveway, my brothers and I would enjoy babysitting Saturdays with our grandmother in front of the T.V. She made it a ritual, no, a tradition to have us accompany her in watching Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC.

My grandmother didn't speak English. She was a tiny, shrinking lady who had a passion for collecting rubberbands and playing Solitaire. She loved All My Children and The Price is Right. I'd have to say: even though she lived the first 66 years of her life in the Philippines, she was the most Canadian among all of us. She would drink one cold mug of beer every evening and being able to get a signal on her antenna'ed television on a weekday to see her Montreal Canadiens play is a satisfying treat - like finding candy in the bottom of your purse to purge that certain crave away.

But those Saturday evenings were always special for her. She'd sit in her chair in the living room and have us kids gather around. She'd light the fireplace for us and grab her mug of beer. Those days, back in the early-80s were high-times for all who loved this team --- my grandmother's happiest moments was when her team would score ("Woo-hoy!" my grandmother would exclaim)...

We never understood her commentating on the game as she watched because she would only speak Ilongo (a dialect of Filipino). She'd throw in a few English words in there including tripping and goal and shoot!... She'd point out with her arthritic finger what each of the players name were - legendary names such as LaFleur, Gainey, and Robinson. She'd spit on the television whenever Don Cherry did his first intermission report (she hated him and would yell "bastardo" at the television screen).

And even though we didn't understand her Filipino most of the time, we'd understand her love for the game through her reactions, her emotions, her passion, and her cries of cheer and joy. She died in 1997 at the strong age of 86. Right up until the evening she died, she managed to drink her last mug of cold beer and catch the first period of the game. I don't think she could have it any other way...

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Warning! Adult Content.. [17 Jan 2002|06:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

This isn't what I was going to post, but I need a little push on this. I haven't really told anyone, but I've been trying to write a book about a woman who gets lost in her own dreams and they become her reality.. Here is the very beginning.

Please be gentle. :)


Redeeming Genisis

The bed dipped as he sat down next to her, It startled her awake. Groggily, she opened her eyes to see him gazing tenderly at her.

"James... what... what are you doing here?" She said as she bunched the covers around her minimal pajamas.
"I just wanted to see you, to be here with you."

His eyes pierced her like two daggers of ice made of the clearest water. Even though the room was mostly dark, she could see the shadow of his dark features. She had always been a sucker for the dark hair, blue eyes type. One look from a man like him made her melt in her seat. She didn't stand a chance against this charm and seduction. It's not that she didn't want it, she did, but a proper lady never did this. He bent to kiss her lips and his arms encased her body, bringing her to him.

"James, we can't do this!" She said as she tried to push him away.
"Why not Gen?" He said as he smiled down at her, the moonlight falling across his ice blue eyes, "we are both adults, we are attracted to each other, and I know I can't hold mine in anymore. I need you, and you need me."

He kissed her again, and this time she didn't' resist or push away. He was right. There had been an attraction immediately between the two of them, and it was hell keeping it a secret crush. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close. It was so gentle and innocent, but she knew that it would end up as being anything but. He pushed the covers away from her body as they kissed, revealing a skimpy tank top and bikini cotton panties. The kiss broke and he looked at her in the moonlight. She could feel his gaze wash over her body like a wave from a warm, inviting ocean. She could see the approval in his eyes for her. It felt surreal. She never thought that he would ever want to be with her, or be attracted to her. His visit that night was not expected, but far from un-welcome. It had been a long time since she felt needed physically, having him here made her feel like a whole new woman, a much sexier version of herself.
She allowed him to slip her top off. His eyes held to hers as he tossed it to the floor beside them. His gaze was gentle, and she knew this would be the most romantic night of her life. He laid her back on the pillows and kissed her again, his hand inclosing her right breast. His touch was cautious and his eyes asked permission for more. She responded by unbuttoning his shirt and tugging it off his shoulders. She ran her hands over them as they kissed. They were strong and intimidating, nothing like his demeanor tonight. Seeing them gave her a rush of adrenaline, to know that if she resisted and he wanted it bad enough, she could do nothing about it. To some that would be a turn off, but to her it just made her yearn for him more. His skin was smooth and warm beneath her fingers. Gently, they explored his shoulders and chest.
His hand left her breast briefly to remove the shirt that held to him just by the arms. As he did so he rose to remove his pants as well. Their eyes held tight to the other's gaze, and he hurriedly disrobed and went back to her arms. This time he lay next to her, the covers bunched at the foot of the bed beneath their feet. Suddenly, she felt venerable. There was nothing there to cover her imperfections. Somehow, he knew. He collected her into his arms again and told her she was beautiful. He gave her another gentle kiss. Timidly, he slipped one hand under her panties, not to explore, but to remove them. He felt the passion radiating from her and knew now that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Quickly, he removed the cotton restraint.
He moved over her, the moonlight from the window making a slash of light across his chest, over the defined pecs and aroused nipples on them. She spread her legs, welcoming his body between them. This was going so fast; she wanted it to last longer. Then he surprised her. She knew he was ready, she could feel his stiffness between her legs, but he did not enter her. Instead he let his hands wander the curves of her upper body as his lips and tongue tickled her neck. His hands ended on her breasts where his fingers brought her nipples to hard tips expertly. The arousal of her nipples was incredible. She felt as if she could orgasm just from them being touched. Then his hands moved. They forged a route that his lips and tongue followed. It took them to all the major attractions on her landscape; her moans of pleasure judging how long his stay would be in that spot. The breasts and nipples were a hot spot. His lips covered them in kisses, and the gentle touch of his tongue on the tips made her juices boil over. His hands continued their journey to the center of her passion, the spot he accidentally found while taking her cotton whities off of her. His hands reached it first, while his lips and tongue were still caught somewhere around her navel. His touch sent shivers through her entire body, and she let out a loud moan. She could feel his lips curve into a smile when he heard her vocal consent. His fingers played with her button, sending jolts of mini orgasms through her body. Then they opened her lower gates and dipped into her natural spring.
Her mind got lost in her passion, before she knew it his tongue was circling her button below and his fingers were completely inside of her. He was an expert at this. Something in her knew that this was wrong, but it felt so fantastic she couldn't imagine it stopping. Soon, her moans became louder and more frequent. He brought her to climax perfectly, and she fell into the pillows behind her exhausted. He moved up to her, between her legs and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips and he knew it. It excited him, but when she licked at her taste he couldn't help himself. His gentle kisses turned to deep passionate ones. Their tongues danced with each other as he pushed himself into her dampness. She moaned into his mouth as he did so, and it fueled the fire between his legs. He gave her all the passion that he had in him for her, and took her passion for him in return. The lovemaking was so fantastic it was as it would have been scripted in Hollywood. His lips moved from hers to her neck and down her breast to her nipples. They could both feel their passions grow, and they both knew that holding on was not an option anymore. They would reach their apex together. He gave a final thrust as he arched his body upwards.


Genesis woke with a gasp. Her body flushed, her pajamas clinging to her from sweat, and a sexual stirring in her that she couldn't ignore. She was on the edge of orgasm from that incredible dream about James. Not wanting to loose the moment, she wearily reached to her bedside table and opened her "naughty drawer". She quickly fished out her BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend), turned it on and clenched it between her legs. As the vibrations brought her closer and closer to the edge of bliss, her hands moved over her erect nipples, tickling and pinching them. She came quickly, she knew she would after that incredible dream, and as she came she gasped his name.

"... James ..."

She lay there for a long time catching her breath, not thinking about anything really. Then the alarm sounded. That wasn't unusual. She normally woke up a couple minutes before it sounded, but this time it snapped her out of her blissful dreamland. She moved quickly to quiet the obnoxious noise across the bed; it was the only thing that really made her move around some in the morning. She slapped the snooze and lay back in the spot she had worked into the bed during the night, then it hit her.

"I dreamt of sex with James," she said aloud as if someone was there to shock. "Wow."

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